What’s New In My World, You Ask?

Which Way to Go... Being Pulled in Many Different Directions!

Well, a lot is happening in my little area of the world.

I just wrapped up my 6 month Mentor with Mari program for social media certification.

We will be having our assessment in the next week or so– so trying to cram (it’s only been 20 years since college… but what the heck…).

My designation from the ISMA (International Social Media Association) will be Certified Social Media Strategist/Specialist (still cannot decide).  Excited to launch my own company.

Plus, commencing working on a Top Secret desktop publishing project for a friend of mine- needs to be finished rather quickly so it will be ready for the holidays.

Playing around with WordPress and Squidoo needs to fit in there too… ahh… a busy life. Plus my real job.  🙂

Over and Out…