Tang… It’s Not Just for Astronauts Anymore

Tang. Yup… I’m talkin’ about the astronaut drink from days gone by.  This sweet powdered concoction seems to have fallen by the wayside.

What are NASA’s finest to drink now, I ask you!?

Ok.  Why am I ranting about Tang? I’ll tell you. My daughter’s class has Astronaut Training Day today and I volunteered to bring Tang because I had some in the cupboard. Easy, right?  Wrong. When I went to get it, the Tang had dried up into one massive sticky orange clump. Now,  if I had been smart, I would have put the clump into a huge thermos and added water and we wouldn’t be talking. But nooooooooooo, everyone said “eeeew!” and we tossed it in the trash.

Over the weekend we went to Ralph’s, and there was no Tang to be found. No problem, right?  There is always Vons, CVS, etc. to save the day. Well, they don’t stock Tang either!

So on the morning of the event (today) we had no choice but to opt for a $5 jug of orange Gatorade (what else could we do?!)

I felt awful to let the little astronauts down, but Tang has been shoved off all the market shelved by powdered drinks like “G2” and Crystal Light in 643 delicious flavor combinations.

So let this be a lesson to you over-zealous snack moms… don’t volunteer to bring Tang to your next classroom event or you might be sorry!