Social Media “High T” Number 4 – High Traction

This post is the last in the series of what we call our “Socail Media High T’s”.  As a recap, the first three were:

  1. High Trust
  2. High Transparency
  3. High Touch

And now we’ll discuss the last one… High Traction. One of the BEST things about social media is the viral nature of it… meaning pieces of content have the ability get shared and passed around by others. This isn’t really anything new… chain letters (remember those?!) and even e-mails have been a good way to share information for a long time now. But with social media sharing, there are a few main differences:

  • the potential audience is much larger in terms of numbers & region (think global!)
  • the time it takes a piece of content to spread via the internet is minuscule

So, when you write a post, be it on Twitter, Google+Facebook, LinkedIn, or (heaven forbid)… MySpace… your content, if it is deemed worthy, will get passed along to others in the form of shares, re-tweets, re-posts, etc. The possibilities really are endless and you can make a big impact quickly.

But did you notice how I said “if it is deemed worthy”?  

Your piece of content needs to be so good that it can cut through the noise of the internet just to grab the reader’s attention. Keeping their attention requires relevancy. It needs to be of value to them… AND interesting, AND relevant. Think about the pieces of content you share with others. Maybe it is a funny video from YouTube, or an inspiring talk on Ted, or a Tweet that led you to a particularly useful site. In all of these cases you found value in that content and you wa nted to share with a friend or colleague. It really comes down to the old Content is King (again). You have to put out great content to get high traction. BUT  just think… after you post something fantastic, your work is done!  You can sit back and watch it get shared, passed around, and enjoyed by others.

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