Facebook’s New Content Standards

You may have been reading about Facebook’s change to the news feed algorithm (yes, again) and the subsequent decline in eyeballs on posts for many brands.*

It underscores two things that we have always recommended:**

  1. Don’t rely on any one source for all of your marketing. Yes that may seem trite and oversimplified, but really – there has to be a strategy in place that takes a holistic view on client acquisition and retention.
  2. Make sure you are consistently putting out good, quality content that’s relevant to your readers.

Now, have we posted silly memes here and there for ourselves and our clients? The answer is yes, of course. 


Because Facebook’s algorithm rewarded engagement with a post (without as big of an emphasis on content) by making it appear to more of your fans’ news feeds (= more eyeballs). Said another way, the more likes, clicks, comments, and shares your post got (especially in the first few hours) the more frequently Facebook would serve it up to your fans. Therefore, posting content that was funny or a hot topic to generate a higher engagement rate was encouraged by Facebook. As the Salon.com article points out, it’s really no different from how SEO experts work on maximizing keywords to show up in search.

And it still is…

However, now they are adding focus on one more important factor: the newsworthiness and quality of the content. As this article by Salon.com states so eloquently, “If Facebook wants to make sure only to highlight high-quality news, then Facebook’s standards of quality suddenly start to matter quite a lot.”

And so should yours…

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* Click here to see a great article from Salon.com describing the issue.

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