Courtney is Amazing

Courtney - Happy 4th Anniversary with Cosmetic Social Media

Today marks Courtney’s 4th year with Cosmetic Social Media. She is BEYOND amazing as evidenced by some quick calculations we made:

4 years and roughly…

  • 18,000 Facebook posts
  • 55,000 Tweets
  • 7,000 Pinterest pins
  • 2,200 Instagram pics
  • 3,000 Google+ posts
  • 54,000 Unique Short-link clicks

It’s nothing short of phenomenal… and so is she. We love her to pieces and know that Cosmetic Social Media would not be the same without her sweet smile, sharp wit, impeccable grammar, endless content ideas, the list goes on and on.

Help us give her a much-deserved round of applause. (And maybe a vacation?!)

~ Monique