Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously, Scrooge

Since the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus holidays are upon us, let’s talk about how you are “celebrating” (or not) in your office. Do you get “into” the holiday spirit (whichever holiday you celebrate)? Are you a Bah-Humbugger or a Buddy the Elf?

Medical offices are not known for their fantastic decorating ability… as evidenced here (click to enlarge):

Tacky Holiday Decorations in the Workplace

But I contend you CAN get your office into the holiday spirit in an elegant AND fun way. You don’t have to be a Scrooge during the holidays to keep things professional. Your patients will feel more at home in an office with some holiday cheer. I was in an office yesterday and saw some beautiful decorations that were:

  • Festive
  • Branded (had the MD’s “look” of the office & website)
  • Elegant
  • Humorous (you’ll see what I mean later…)

Here are a few shots I took of the waiting room and tree (click to enlarge):

Beautiful Holiday Decorations

Here are a few shots of products on display (click to enlarge):

Gorgeous Holiday Gift Sets

And I saved the best for last! Check out these handmade & painted “kissing balls” that were hanging from a beautiful garland on a mirror near the skincare products.  Look carefully – they are empty Botox Vials! How clever is that!?! (Click to enlarge)

Botox Vial Holiday Kissing Balls

So you can be elegant, and FUN, and in the theme of your office… Thanks to Monica Bonakdar, MD for creating such stunning and festive holiday decorations!

Photo credits for tacky offices: