5 Biggest Mistakes Doctors Make in Social Media (and What to Do Instead!)

We are excited to bring you our latest blog post for MediBEAUTY.biz, the physician side of the very popular cosmetic surgery consumer site, RealSelf.  In this post, we give you the first 5 mistakes we see being made in social media and what you should be doing instead. But if you know us, surely you know that we couldn’t keep the list to just 5 (and stop calling me Shirley).  Stay tuned because we’re doing a follow-up post next week with a few more faux pas being made and how we suggest handling things instead.


Here’s a staggering statistic… did you know that 96% of people who like a Facebook page NEVER go back to that brand’s wall?  We’re here to help you avoid the costly social media mistakes and give your fans a reason to show up and engage with your practice.

Whether you are on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, or just thinking about “going social”, there are some things you’ll want to avoid if you are going to have the best chance for social media success.

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