BIG News on Facebook Contests: Apps No Longer Required

Yaay, Yaay Hooray! This is huge so take four minutes and read…

Today Facebook announced that it will no longer be a requirement to utilize a third party app to run a contest. {{Cue the music for a Happy Dance!}}

This is excellent news for you because now your practice can do a “Fan of the Week” or other small promotion so much easier!

In Facebook’s blog post, which you can read here, they said you can now collect entries on your page via:

  • commenting on a post
  • posting on the page
  • messaging the page
  • “liking” a post
Also they clarified what is permitted with regards to “tagging” in contests. You are not allowed to ask fans to tag themselves in a picture as the means of entry into the contest.

Now here is an important note: a Facebook contest still must be run on a business (fan) page – not on a personal profile. So for you physicians out there who use a Facebook profile, instead of a business page, as a means to communicate to your friends and fans, you cannot run a contest. Contests must occur on a company/business page.

Apps are still great tools for larger or higher profile contests. This is because of their capability for obtaining (and holding) contestant data for you to use in follow-up communications and promotions. Apps also have the graphic capabilities to make your contest or promotion look extremely professional. We would never recommending forgoing the use of apps completely, but certainly for the occasional “15th comment wins” sort of contest, these new, looser Facebook rules are a welcome change!

Click here for a downloadable PDF from Facebook with all of their promotion guidelines and keep it handy.