What is it about people who get all bent out of shape about really simple and non-eventful things? Our ancestors had it a lot worse just trying to live on a basic level… they had to be tough.

Now the slightest thing is said, joked-about, mis-interpreted… and all of a sudden people are hurt, harassed, offended, or damaged. Oh- and let’s sue and blame someone so we can get a free-ride on easy street (though it’s not exactly “free” when you have to sell your soul to get there).

Please people… get a life. Life is hard and you have to grow a thick skin. Is it always easy? No! But since most of us live in a place where we don’t have to catch our next meal or huddle under a tree for shelter… I think we can take an off-color joke now and then.

Off to the Center for Services Leadership “Compete Through Service Symposium” 2009

Packing my bags and heading out to the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU for the Center for Services Leadership annual symposium.  It will be an excellent opportunity to learn how companies in various industries deliver superior service to their customers to maximize loyalty and satisfaction (which leads to profits!).  Will keep you posted on what I learn…


(ta ta for now…)

Key Word for 2010

Aaaah.. Heading into the home stretch for the year.  A friend of mine (and Mentor, and social media butterfly), Mari Smith, chooses one word to focus on each year.  So I’m trying to come up with a word… as I launch my new business in the area of Social Media Marketing for the aesthetic medical practice.  So far here are some contenders:

  • “implement”
  • “create”
  • “focus”
  • “build”
  • “goals”
  • “make it happen” (this is 3, I know…)
  • “do”

I’ll keep adding ideas and if you have any – be sure to comment! 🙂

Let’s Get Cookin’

Listening to my iTunes DJ and Usher “Yeah” just came on… and Yeah… I’m feeling pretty good. Got a lot accomplished today! My office is more organized (or should I say, my nook) and now I’m to work on a very special project for a friend.

I make cookbooks in my spare time… a great keepsake for family and friends. I made one for my family last year – compiling recipes from everyone and photos old and new. Everyone loved it… and a friend who saw it wanted me to do one for her and her family… so here we go! 🙂 Fun to take a leap…

What’s New In My World, You Ask?

Which Way to Go... Being Pulled in Many Different Directions!

Well, a lot is happening in my little area of the world.

I just wrapped up my 6 month Mentor with Mari program for social media certification.

We will be having our assessment in the next week or so– so trying to cram (it’s only been 20 years since college… but what the heck…).

My designation from the ISMA (International Social Media Association) will be Certified Social Media Strategist/Specialist (still cannot decide).  Excited to launch my own company.

Plus, commencing working on a Top Secret desktop publishing project for a friend of mine- needs to be finished rather quickly so it will be ready for the holidays.

Playing around with WordPress and Squidoo needs to fit in there too… ahh… a busy life. Plus my real job.  🙂

Over and Out…


I’m getting excited to begin a new venture in Social Media marketing and related services for the plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology practices.

I’m just wrapping up my Mentor with Mari (MWM) social media certification program, and in the next few weeks should have my official designation as Certified Social Media Strategist (or Specialist… or Consultant… I can choose) by the ISMA (International Social Media Association).Woo Hoo!

Wish me luck on my tests… cramming….

Let's Grow!