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Meet Courtney – CSM Partner and Chief Community Cultivator

Courtney_Priestas_CSMOnly the most talented individuals are chosen to work with Cosmetic Social Media clients. Since cloning has not been perfected, Monique chose the next best thing… to bring in licensed medical assistant and social media & PR maven, Courtney Priestas.

Throughout her career, Courtney has cultivated an artistry at clinical, administrative operations, and public relations. She draws from a combined 15 years of experience in general dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, and plastic surgery.

Having played a key role in the daily clinical operations of a major, internationally known cosmetic surgery and dermatology center, the distinctions and refinements necessary for success within the different specialties are second nature to her. Courtney’s invaluable time spent working closely with a world-famous innovator and international mentor in dermatology gives her a significant advantage.

Courtney has appeared on nationally and locally known television programs, assisting her physicians and has worked behind the scenes as well to leverage their exposure. She takes pride and satisfaction in watching her clients benefit and grow from their experience and subsequent endeavors.


Let's Grow!