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Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously, Scrooge

Since the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus holidays are upon us, let’s talk about how you are “celebrating” (or not) in your office. Do you get “into” the holiday spirit (whichever holiday you celebrate)? Are you a Bah-Humbugger or a Buddy the Elf?

Medical offices are not known for their fantastic decorating ability… as evidenced here (click to enlarge):

Tacky Holiday Decorations in the Workplace

But I contend you CAN get your office into the holiday spirit in an elegant AND fun way. You don’t have to be a Scrooge during the holidays to keep things professional. Your patients will feel more at home in an office with some holiday cheer. I was in an office yesterday and saw some beautiful decorations that were:

  • Festive
  • Branded (had the MD’s “look” of the office & website)
  • Elegant
  • Humorous (you’ll see what I mean later…)

Here are a few shots I took of the waiting room and tree (click to enlarge):

Beautiful Holiday Decorations

Here are a few shots of products on display (click to enlarge):

Gorgeous Holiday Gift Sets

And I saved the best for last! Check out these handmade & painted “kissing balls” that were hanging from a beautiful garland on a mirror near the skincare products.  Look carefully – they are empty Botox Vials! How clever is that!?! (Click to enlarge)

Botox Vial Holiday Kissing Balls

So you can be elegant, and FUN, and in the theme of your office… Thanks to Monica Bonakdar, MD for creating such stunning and festive holiday decorations!

Photo credits for tacky offices:


Guest Blog: “The Plastic Surgery Playlist – What Are Doctors Listening to in the OR”

Hey there everyone… since we’re wrapping up summer, I thought I would share something fun that will keep you rockin’ right into the holidays!

Here is this week’s Guest Blog from Mike Wilton at iEnhance  exploring the greatest hits in operating rooms around the country. And feel free to add your favorite tunes to the list by commenting below!

Post by Mike Wilton – August 25, 2011 on

Last week, Detroit area plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn confessed in an article on that he listens to Lady Gaga in the operating room. He went on to explain how music in the OR is common practice. In a recent study published in “Surgical Endoscopy” it was found that classical music affected surgeons more positively than hard rock or heavy metal. Another study published by “Surgical Innovation” named hip-hop and reggae the music that most benefited surgeons’ performances. With that in mind, we reached out to some of our doctors to find out what’s on their Plastic Surgery Playlist.

Bay Area plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Mele is no stranger to music.  With a musical background that includes being the Music Director at UC Davis’ KDVS, Dr. Mele admits that his iPod features a variety of playlists sorted by artist, genre, year, and even plastic surgery procedure.

Dr. Mele has specific music associated with each procedure. “More mellow tunes work best,” he says in regards to facial procedures such as blepharoplasty. This keeps the atmosphere calm for patients that are in “twilight.” His eyelid surgery playlist includes a variety of songs ranging from Classical pieces from the Brandenburg Concertos to Will Smith’s “Summertime.”

Dr. Mele’s liposuction playlist “is perfused with more driving dance tunes and house music” he says. The upbeat playlist features tracks from artists such as A3, Alice DeeJay, “and the timeless Oh Yeah by Yello made famous my Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

Though he has preset playlists, he admits that he more often than not sets his 1,000+ song collection to random and just listens to whatever comes up. “Everything from Hendrix to Sinatra and Scorpions to Sugarland is represented. While segues from 2Pac to Taylor Swift can be a little tough, everyone appreciates the variety and no genre plays long enough to become a distraction. Music in the OR promotes a camaraderie, and allows me to keep track of the time without having to look at the clock.”

Like Dr. Mele, Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Raffi Hovsepian plays various styles of music in the OR.  “It depends on the type of case I am doing.  Each case I do has its own genre of music.”  Facial surgery is paired with Classical, Bossa Nova, and Frank Sinatra, music that is more relaxing.  Body procedures, such as liposuction or tummy tuck, are paired with Classical and Alternative Rock. On the other hand, breast augmentation is paired with Hip Hop.

While Pennsylvania plastic surgeon Dr. James A. Yates tends to stick with New Age music in the OR, he shared the story of one particular instance where he opted for Ol’ Blue Eyes while working on a patient who was under local anesthesia and the patient smiled in the middle of the procedure. At that moment the doctor realized that the song, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” was playing. Coincidence or not, it makes for a great OR music story.

And while it seems that listening to music during surgery is common practice, it’s not always appreciated by nearby surgeons or hospital staff.  Maryland plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Markmann admitted that, “I get complaints all of the time that it is too loud.  The surgeons in the nearby operating rooms and staff in the hallways say they can hear the bass pounding on the walls.”

From classical to hip hop, it seems that every surgeon has his/her own personal taste of music that joins him/her in the operating room.  And whether it’s helping to improve their focus, or just make for a better work environment, it’s clear that it’s a significant part of the cosmetic enhancement process.  For a longer list of doctors and their plastic surgery playlists head over to the Cosmetic Surgery blog.

Original article can be found hereAnd thanks to Mike for sharing this great feature with us! 


Six Scientific Differences (and Facts) Between Blondes and Brunettes

I saw this post from Tim Barbeau, VP of Business Development at Therapeutic Placement Partners, on LinkedIn and thought I HAD to share. Enjoy! 🙂

Here are six little-known differences between blondes and brunettes, from the latest scientific literature:

1. On average, blondes take longer to get ready.

A study conducted in 2009 (with over 3000 participants) found that blondes take 6 minutes longer than their darker-haired counterparts to get ready. Blondes will spend an average of 72 minutes a day on their beauty routine compared to 66 minutes for brunettes.

2. Natural blondes have more hair than natural brunettes.

Natural blondes have approximately 120,000-147,000 hairs, while brunettes have 100,000-120,000. This makes perfect sense, as evolutionary biology tells us that hair evolved partially to protect the scalp from potentially damaging UV rays. As darker hair contains more of the pigment melanin, it naturally provides more of a protective barrier, and hence brunettes needed less hair to serve the same purpose.

3. A man’s preference in a woman’s hair color stems from his own hair color – and life experience.

Although some reports state that Caucasian men generally prefer fair-haired women, an interesting review noted research that brunette men preferred brunette women; blonde men equally preferred blondes and brunettes; and blonde, brunette, and red-headed women all preferred dark-haired men.

Furthermore, research has shown that both men and women are attracted to certain partners based on their intrapersonal interactions with others; that is, if you always had brown-haired friends growing up, but a blonde-haired bully picked on you constantly, you are more likely to stick to brown-haired partners later in life. This gets into a whole lot of psychological and sociological research that is outside of my realm.

4. Blonde waitresses (restaurant servers) earn better tips.

Despite their perceived level of overall attractiveness, blonde waitresses receive higher tips than darker-haired waitresses. In a 2009 survey of 482 waitresses conducted by Cornell University, blondes earned significant higher tips than their brunette counterparts, despite their reported levels of “sexiness”. What ever happened to 15% for standard service and 20% for good service for all?  Hmmm. Moving on.

5. Brunettes are perceived upon first meeting to be more intelligent.

Research has shown that raters perceive women with dark hair to be more intelligent at a first meeting.  The reason for the bias is unknown, but I speculate that it is due to the simple fact that women dye their hair blonde more than any other color. Not only does this mean that there are more blondes than brunettes after a certain age, but this also means that women who spend extra time focused on beauty and their appearance are more likely to be blonde. With that said, there are many incredibly smart blondes out there. (I agree!)

6. When women dye their hair lighter, they feel more fun.

True – when women dye their hair lighter, they have been proven to go out more (3 nights/week for blondes versus 2 for brunettes) and to feel more confident and youthful. Why this phenomenon exists is unknown. Part may be due to societal influences, as the majority of the Hollywood celebrities are blonde. Another theory is that many Caucasian women are born with hair that darkens with age, and so dyeing their hair reverts them to their youth. One additional possibility is that blonde hair is somewhat more forgiving of skin imperfections, which is why most women choose to lighten their hair as they get older.

Although all of the aforementioned information is provided by scientific literature, the bottom line is that this article is just for fun. There are many beautiful and intelligent women who are both blonde and brunette. While each hair color may impart some of its own minor advantages upon a first meeting, the truth of the matter is that, over time, most of these perceived advantages will give way to the time-tested traits of its wearer, like excellent character, honesty, integrity and benevolence.

Tang… It’s Not Just for Astronauts Anymore

Tang. Yup… I’m talkin’ about the astronaut drink from days gone by.  This sweet powdered concoction seems to have fallen by the wayside.

What are NASA’s finest to drink now, I ask you!?

Ok.  Why am I ranting about Tang? I’ll tell you. My daughter’s class has Astronaut Training Day today and I volunteered to bring Tang because I had some in the cupboard. Easy, right?  Wrong. When I went to get it, the Tang had dried up into one massive sticky orange clump. Now,  if I had been smart, I would have put the clump into a huge thermos and added water and we wouldn’t be talking. But nooooooooooo, everyone said “eeeew!” and we tossed it in the trash.

Over the weekend we went to Ralph’s, and there was no Tang to be found. No problem, right?  There is always Vons, CVS, etc. to save the day. Well, they don’t stock Tang either!

So on the morning of the event (today) we had no choice but to opt for a $5 jug of orange Gatorade (what else could we do?!)

I felt awful to let the little astronauts down, but Tang has been shoved off all the market shelved by powdered drinks like “G2” and Crystal Light in 643 delicious flavor combinations.

So let this be a lesson to you over-zealous snack moms… don’t volunteer to bring Tang to your next classroom event or you might be sorry!

Merry Christmas to YOU!


I’m not ashamed to say” Merry Christmas”… because, let’s face it… “Happy Holidays” sounds pretty empty.  I think we should celebrate the vivid colors of all of our differences instead of being so afraid of offending that we mash everything up into a bland paste.

And, hey… if you celebrate something else…  Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus… or anything else I may have left out… I wish you a very happy (fill in your holiday here)!


What is it about people who get all bent out of shape about really simple and non-eventful things? Our ancestors had it a lot worse just trying to live on a basic level… they had to be tough.

Now the slightest thing is said, joked-about, mis-interpreted… and all of a sudden people are hurt, harassed, offended, or damaged. Oh- and let’s sue and blame someone so we can get a free-ride on easy street (though it’s not exactly “free” when you have to sell your soul to get there).

Please people… get a life. Life is hard and you have to grow a thick skin. Is it always easy? No! But since most of us live in a place where we don’t have to catch our next meal or huddle under a tree for shelter… I think we can take an off-color joke now and then.

Key Word for 2010

Aaaah.. Heading into the home stretch for the year.  A friend of mine (and Mentor, and social media butterfly), Mari Smith, chooses one word to focus on each year.  So I’m trying to come up with a word… as I launch my new business in the area of Social Media Marketing for the aesthetic medical practice.  So far here are some contenders:

  • “implement”
  • “create”
  • “focus”
  • “build”
  • “goals”
  • “make it happen” (this is 3, I know…)
  • “do”

I’ll keep adding ideas and if you have any – be sure to comment! 🙂

Let’s Get Cookin’

Listening to my iTunes DJ and Usher “Yeah” just came on… and Yeah… I’m feeling pretty good. Got a lot accomplished today! My office is more organized (or should I say, my nook) and now I’m to work on a very special project for a friend.

I make cookbooks in my spare time… a great keepsake for family and friends. I made one for my family last year – compiling recipes from everyone and photos old and new. Everyone loved it… and a friend who saw it wanted me to do one for her and her family… so here we go! 🙂 Fun to take a leap…

What’s New In My World, You Ask?

Which Way to Go... Being Pulled in Many Different Directions!

Well, a lot is happening in my little area of the world.

I just wrapped up my 6 month Mentor with Mari program for social media certification.

We will be having our assessment in the next week or so– so trying to cram (it’s only been 20 years since college… but what the heck…).

My designation from the ISMA (International Social Media Association) will be Certified Social Media Strategist/Specialist (still cannot decide).  Excited to launch my own company.

Plus, commencing working on a Top Secret desktop publishing project for a friend of mine- needs to be finished rather quickly so it will be ready for the holidays.

Playing around with WordPress and Squidoo needs to fit in there too… ahh… a busy life. Plus my real job.  🙂

Over and Out…