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Use SocialDitto to Embed Your Facebook & Twitter Conversations

I just love the internet (I know… I say this a lot)… but I happened upon a nifty trick today that I want to share with you. It’s called SocialDitto and it enables you to take a status update from Facebook or Twitter and embed it with HTML code! It’s fab… no more screen captures to mess with.

Here is an example of SocialDitto in action:

CosmeticSocialMedia.comOK fab peeps… here is someone who “gets it”. We ❤ Dr. Kim’s funny (and enlightening!) blog posts on Wednesdays. His conversational style makes us feel like we’ve known him for years, tho we’ve never “met” (except online). He posts “real life” events, like when he made us drool over ice cream from a fancy San Francisco ice cream parlor. And for that we love him! Take a peek at his social media musings and pick up a tip or two…


Wondering how to get the conversation URL? Just find the conversation you want to embed and then right click on the date (as shown below). Then click “copy the link address” and paste into SocialDitto and click on the “ditto” button go generate the HTML code. It’s just that easy!

How to grab the Facebook conversation URL

Just one thing to note… this doesn’t work for uploaded photos as status updates, but hopefully they will add that feature in the future. Let us know if you have any cool tools that you use and what you think!

Social Media “High T” Number 3 – High Touch

In social media we have what I like to call Monique’s Social Media High T’s. They are the four components of a successful social media strategy and all of your posts and campaigns should take them into consideration. Over the past few weeks we have explored Trust and Transparency.

Now we will talk about the value of HIGH TOUCH.

Touchpoints are interactions that your client has with your brand. Some examples include:

  • an in-office visit
  • a call to make an appointment
  • a reminder text message
  • an eBlast with your latest office news

Each one of these touchpoints allows your patient to connect with you, and more importantly, form an opinion about you. The opinion will either make them feel a stronger affinity towards your practice, or leave a negative impression.

Think about your practice for a moment. Depending on your specialty, you have a limited number of times that you see a patient in your office in a given year. Some might include:

  • Post-op /Follow-up Visit(s)
  • Injectable appointments
  • Before/After Photos
You may see some patients more frequently, and some you might not see at all.  Therefore, you should think about touchpoints that:
  • happen throughout the year
  • add value
  • are interesting
  • are varied (in-person, eBlast, email, telephone, text, mailer, social media)

Social media is a perfect way to accomplish every bullet on the above list. Between blog posts, Facebook updates, tweets, LinkedIn group postings, etc. you can really keep the message going all year long in variety of venues. Sometimes you will be educating your patients about a new procedure in a blog post. Or you might tweet to share an upcoming event. You might share a YouTube video of  you on the news, or showing off a new tool that you use to make the patient experience more comfortable, etc.

The point is, you can use social media channels to keep your patients in the loop in a very positive and non-threatening way. With every social touchpoint your patients will feel more connected to your practice, making them much more likely to refer you to their friends and family. And remember, with the “viral” nature of social media, they will also share your message with others (at no additional cost to you!).

Next week, we will explore the final “T” in our Social Media High T’s series… Traction! Stay tuned!

And if you found this post valuable, we’d love to have you pass it on to a friend or colleague!