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Wisdom Wednesday Printable

build trust not traffic quote by mark schaefer

I love this quote from one of the awesome speakers we listened to at Social Media Marketing World 2016, Mark Schaefer. It’s particularly important because all too often people get caught up in the numbers – the traffic – the clicks. And while those metrics are certainly important, the ultimate goal is to win and keep customers, right?!

I think most of us would agree based on our own experiences with businesses, brands, and sales people, that trust is a key factor in deciding to buy. So try to keep your eye on the prize instead of on the numbers by building trust with your clients and customers, day in and day out. Then the numbers you want (# of clients!) will follow.

~ Monique / @moniqueramsey

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology Conference 2015

Monique Ramsey Slideshare Channel

I just got home from an intensive week of presenting, connecting, and learning at Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology at the Bellagio Hotel and Spa in Las Vegas. Wow… what a whirlwind!


My presentations are now uploaded and ready for viewing… so head on over to my slideshare channel and take a look!

Here they are in order of appearance:

Wednesday, June 10th:

Saturday, June 13th:

Sunday, June 14th:

🙂 Happy Learning!

~ Monique

Gen Y Women – How to Effectively Market to Them

millennial women marketing by cosmetic social media

We’re guessing that Generation Y (aka Millennial Women, born after 1980) are a HUGE target audience for your practice. But market to them in the wrong way and you’re sure to lose them.

Forbes came out with an article today which had some excellent insights about this influential group of women.

Article Key Points:

  •  A recent study on Millennial women’s relationship with brands reveals today’s female consumers demand significantly high levels of engagement from brands. Are they getting it? No. This is where brands are ignoring billions of dollars in potential revenue opportunities.”
  • “As a whole, Millennials like to associate themselves with difference-making brands, causes, and trends. The Millennial woman wants to be inspired by the brands she chooses. She seeks engagement with positive brand images that resonate with her, and make her feel good about supporting them.”
  • “Hollow marketing messages don’t work with her; brands that want to attract the attention of the millennial woman need to layer their campaigns with inspirational messages.”
  • “She appreciates brands that make her the “hero.” So make her the hero. According to a recent finding, 67 percent of women “appreciate brands that make [them] the hero vs. themselves [the brand] the hero.”
  • “When it comes to engaging Millennial women, brands that talk about themselves won’t cut it.”<< note that last part! 

Despite our (sometimes nagging) insistence for our clients (and anyone who will listen, actually) to focus on their customer instead of themselves, many clients refuse to let go of old marketing messages.  Well, maybe now that Forbes is saying it too, businesses might listen (we can only hope).

Full article here.

Silence Truly is Golden

silence is goldne quote brian solisWe’re bombarded from every angle all day, every day, with marketing messages. Every surface (in real life and digitally) is being cluttered with ads. And we hear it over loudspeakers, while watching videos, TV, movies, etc.  I noticed this quite jarringly the other day when I was filling up my car with gas.

The moment I lifted the pump from the holster, the news came on a video screen in the pump housing (and people who know me know I do not watch the news). So as the gas flowed into my car, I tried my best to look away and think of other things. When the pump clicked off, I was startled back into reality. I removed the nozzle from my car, turned around and noted the $51.07 purchase on the digital readout, and then heard these words coming out of the video monitor: “California has a xx% chance* of an earthquake magnitude 8.0 or above in the next 3 years”.*

And I thought to myself, “I did not ask to know that!” I actually felt slightly invaded and mildly irritated at Shell Oil. Aren’t I paying enough for gas that I don’t have to be additionally marketed to while waiting for the pump to do its thing? The pump is already covered in marketing paraphernalia, and the speakers overhead talk about going inside to buy yourself a snack. So, yes, let’s add another layer by adding video.

And you may be thinking, “Monique… you are a marketer. Aren’t you part of the problem?” And yes, while all of us here at Cosmetic Social Media do marketing for a living, we are acutely aware of people’s space. This is especially important in the world of social media. Social is NOT the place to be overly salesy. People are on Facebook and other social platforms to connect with friends, family, acquaintances old and new, organizations, their favorite teams, and yes, brands. They want to have fun, learn a bit, do some research, listen to some cool music, watch a funny video… but they are not there to be bombarded by marketing pitches.

So, make sure you think about things from their perspective the next time you think about posting a “call to action” sales pitch about the latest special you’re offering. Sure, sometimes that’s fine. But think about it: wouldn’t you rather be a positive part of their day by sharing a funny picture that makes them giggle and want to share it with their friends? Your brand name goes right along with that giggle and share, but in a positive way, versus a way that makes them hide your post, unlike your page, or even never buy gas again at your gas station (I’m talkin’ to you, Shell Oil).

For a great #NewYorkTimes article on this topic, and what caused me to create this blog post, click here: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/08/opinion/sunday/the-cost-of-paying-attention.html 

*I actually missed what they said the percentage of this überquake is and I don’t want to know. But if you do, I am sure you can Google it. 😉

~ Monique

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Social Decor for Your Office

csm hot tip social decorYou may have seen the ads for My Social Book while scrolling through your Facebook News Feed. I personally have bought 4 of them, each covering a year of my “Facebook life” from 2008-2011. I’m about to order 2012 and it got me to thinking — how great would a social book be for your patient waiting room?! Or even better – one in each exam room! (Note: we don;t make any fees from My Social Book – we just like their product.)

It would accomplish a few things:

  • It would show your commitment to patient communication goes beyond your office walls. With your Facebook page, you have built an online community of friends and fans where fun and interesting interaction happens. Patients love to be a part of that.
  • It would give them something totally unique, fun (and educational) to read while they wait. What a great first impression!
  • It would demonstrate trust. Seeing posts from fans never fails to impress.
  • It would be a great way to gain new followers on Facebook (and any other online networks). Believe it or not, your patients might not know you are active on Facebook, so this will get them motivated to join in the fun.

And put a little framed sign next to the book, and/or a sticker inside the front cover with a URL and QR code so they can like your page right then and there! Here is an example:

Lets Get Social-LJCSC

So there you have it – a little social media decor advice from your favorite social media butterflies! And please share with us your creative ideas for bringing social into your office in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

~ Monique

Social Media Holiday Cheer: Don’t Skip This Important Branding Detail

Let CSM create branded Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ cover photos for you this holiday season!

You might be decorating your office, sending out holiday cards, or having a Holiday Open House for your clients. But have you thought about how you’re going to celebrate the season on your social media channels?

Your branding affects the way clients view your business and differentiates you from your competitors, and social media is no exception.

Help your clients learn about your holiday and New Year specials with a pack of custom cover art. Our Creative Director Marnie will help you project the perfect image for your business this season.

Buy a multi-pack to save 10% to 20% off your entire order!

Facebook Timeline Cover 1 each (May substitute Google+ or Twitter)

Facebook  Timeline Cover 3 Pack (May substitute Google+ or Twitter)

Facebook  Timeline Cover 6 Pack (May substitute Google+ or Twitter)


What You Should Know About Canada’s New Anti-Spam Law

Are you going to be in compliance with Canada’s new rules anti-spam legislation (CASL) set to launch July 1st?

If you have any doubt, please read this b̶o̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ informative article from the fine folks at Clickz.com. Not to imply the writing is borting, rather, the subject matter. Who loves reading new legislation (or even old legislation for that matter?)

Here are two important take-aways:

  1. You’re going to need to start removing the “Forward to a Friend” button from your emails, as this is not in compliance.
  2. 2) Social media is not spared from this law. You may send a tweet to someone such as “Thank you for following us!” but you cannot say, “Thank you for following us. Enjoy 10% off your next purchase at XYZ MedSpa.”

There is more – and trust me – it’s important stuff. Just have some coffee standing by…

Read the full article here.

(No, really. Read it.)

The Perfect Blog Post

There is so much information out there about blogging and what to do to maximize your presence, readership, loyalty, etc. This cool infographic from the bright minds at BlogPros really helps break down the key elements (as an average) from the top 100 blogs.

Now, YOUR audience might not respond to the average article length of 1149 words (we recommend 350-450), but take a read and see what you think. It’s always a good idea to take a fresh approach, test, and see if it works!

Via: blogpros.com

Contests: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

We run across a LOT of contests in our day-to-day travels around the web and social media platforms.

THE GOODContests are a terrific way to build up your audience with new fans and encourage engagement among your current fans. They get people excited – after all, who doesn’t love to win something?! So, do we love contests? Absolutely! … But what we really love are good contests. Read on for some tips…

THE BAD: We see some of the same mistakes being made over and over again. If you have not thoroughly thought out and tested your contest, more than likely you will have one (or more) of the following errors:

  • Incongruity With Goal: What is your goal? Make sure your contest will help get to your goal. For example, if you want to gain followers and get some traction on your new Pinterest account, then a Pin-to-Win contest is a great choice. However, if you are trying to drive traffic to your new blog and get more blog subscribers, a Pin-to-Win, although fun, will not be aligned with your goal.
  • Unclear Instructions: Ask this: Is it easy for the entrant to understand the entire entry process? When you have worked a long time on developing  your contest, it seems perfectly obvious to you about how to enter. BUT to that first time reader, it might not be so easy to understand. So get someone who has no idea about your contest and have them walk (click) through each step and give you feedback.
  • No Start and Stop Date: This might seem obvious, but surprisingly there are many contests where there is no end date listed. How likely would you be to enter a contest where there is no clear statement of when or if the prize winner will be determined?
  • Mis-Matched Themes: For instance– a contest from a Med Spa to win a free facial that asks people to share a photo of their favorite pair of blue jeans. It just makes no sense. Especially if your business has nothing to do with fashion. Try to think of an over-arching theme and use it to the fullest. One example we saw recently was a Pin-to-Win contest to launch Sarah Jessica Parker’s (#SJP) new shoe line in Nordstrom. It was called “A Day in Her Shoes” and they asked people to pick shoes from the new collection, pin them on a dedicated board, and then show on an interactive Pinterest map where they might wear said pair of shoes. Now that’s great theme execution! It got people to check out her line of shoes, consider where they might wear them, and interact with the brand both on Pinterest and on the Nordstrom website (where, coincidentally, you can buy that pretty pair of #SJP Mary Janes you just pinned).
  • Work-to-Prize Ratio is Out of Whack: If your prize is $5 Starbucks gift card, don’t ask the contestants to write a 500 word essay on why they love your business, make them give you all of their contact info, sign a bunch of disclosures, upload the essay to a special site, and get their friends to vote on their story for the next three weeks. It’s just too much work for too little of a pay-off.  But, if your prize is round-trip airfare to Hawaii, then yes, asking for a little elbow grease from the contestant is certainly understandable. And believe us, they will do a lot for a good prize!
  • Clunky Interface: A frictionless user experience is an important key to a successful promotion. Make sure you are using an interface that works well on the customer-facing side, but also give you great data on the backside. We have used quite a few of the top apps over the years (Wildfire by Google, WooBox, Northsocial by Vocus, Votigo, Rafflecopter, etc.) and are happy to make a recommendation in this area.
  • Mobile Incompatibility, Spelling Errors, and Broken Links, oh my: Please, do a spell check and make sure more than one person tests the links. And that goes for testing using multiple browsers and using both desktop and mobile! If your contest is not compatible on a mobile device, it will not be successful. Period. Most of the good (paid) apps mentioned above will work on a mobile device.

THE UGLY: The above items are pretty bad. But here are a few more items that are huge no-no’s:

  • Contest Rules, Terms and Conditions: You have to take a bit of time and make sure that your contest meets federal, state, and local laws. A good place to check and make sure you are not doing something illegal is the FTC. The Federal Trade Commission oversees contests and protects consumers – check out  http://www.ftc.gov. Also we found this helpful article from the Small Business Administration (SBA) on how to keep yourself out of trouble: click here. Make sure your terms and conditions are thorough. One great way to see if yours are up to snuff is to take a look at what other big brands are doing. Look at their terms and conditions and use as a framework as you draft yours. Finally, make sure you run your contest rules, terms and conditions by your attorney to be extra sure you are covered in case someone has a complaint.
  • Branding: If you want people to follow and interact with your business, you have to make them proud to do so. This is where branding comes in. Does your contest look and feel like your business? Have you taken the time to have a beautiful and coherent graphic design applied? And most importantly in the era of social media – will they be proud to share your contest with their friends? Only promotions that have a professional look and feel are the ones that get passed along on a viral level.
Questions? We are always happy to help. And if you are thinking of running a contest and would like some assistance, we are more than ready to be of service. (877) 401-5485 or info@cosmeticsocialmedia.com.


Leave No Stone Unturned… There Might Be LinkedIn Gold Hiding Below

If you are like many small businesses, you might not have LinkedIn on your daily radar. But with over 187 million unique monthly visitors and 2 new members being added every second*, it might be high time to think about the hidden opportunities that exist on this premier networking platform. And with competition at an all-time high, you can’t afford to leave any stone unturned.**

Questions to ask yourself:

Have I updated my personal profile in the last 3 months? 

We recommend looking at it at least quarterly – set it as a recurring event in your Outlook, Gmail, or other calendar. LinkedIn

Have I set up my business page?

This can take some time to do properly (trust us, we have just been working on our page). But it will be well worth your time.

You’ll show up in search results much more frequently and prospective patients can learn all about what your practice offers without ever having to leave the LinkedIn environment.

Studies show that keeping people on the platform they started (versus sending them to your website in a link) in results in longer times spent interacting with your content.

Am I regularly posting updates to my business page, similarly to Facebook and my other social networks? 

Chances are, you aren’t.Years ago LinkedIn’s platform was very limited socially. It was viewed as a living breathing online resume and place to job hunt, but little else.  However, in the past few years they have made a concerted effort to step it up and make the platform a very valuable place to spend your time.

So why not share your great content?

Consider going over to the site a few times per week to share a post (maybe a few from your professional profile and a few from your company page). It all helps in showing the health and vibrancy of your practice to prospective patients (and the search engines love it too).

P.S. Don’t have time to get in there and perform your own routine maintenance check? We’re here to help. Just give us a shout and we’ll take care of it for you.


*LinkedIn Stats Source: ExpandedRamblings.com

*The origin of the phrase, “Leave no stone unturned” is interesting. According to WikiAnswers, it “alludes to an ancient Greek legend about a general who buried a large treasure in his tent when he was defeated in battle. Those seeking the treasure consulted the Oracle of Delphi, who advised them to move every stone. The present form dates from the mid-1500s. The actual man who wrote ‘Leave no stone unturned’ was Euripides, an ancient Greek playwright.” Who knew?!