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Regular communication with your client base is a critical component of your marketing strategy.  As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind” so staying in front of your patients and subscribers is very important.

Here are just a few of the benefits of e-communication:

  • Keeps your clients engaged with your business when they are at home or at work.
  • Notifies clients about new promotions, products, events, and specials.
  • Prompts people to try new service offerings.
  • Reminds clients they may be overdue for an appointment or service.
  • It’s cheap, fast, and eco-friendly!
  • It’s shareable content – your subscribers pass the e-blast on to friends and family – at no additional cost to you!

We offer full e-newsletters (articles, specials, event promotions, etc.) as well as “specials” e-blasts that are one subject that promote a particular event or special offering.

What we do:

  • Creation of eye-appealing message and user-friendly content
  • Upload and maintain your list(s)
  • Inclusion of unique links for tracking results
  • Reports on open rates, click throughs, bounces, etc.
  • We’ll post the newsletter on your social media sites & blog
  • We’ll continue to promote your e-blast throughout the month on any social media services you have CSM manage

Our Two Types of e-Blasts:

One Topic e-Blast– features a special, announcement, or event notification

e-Newsletter – 3 or 5 topic monthly update to your clients

Just tell us your key subjects and we’ll draft the articles for your approval! Or, you can provide us with your own content. BONUS: You get one FREE re-send per month on every e-blast we create!

Want to see some of our latest examples? We have literally hundreds to share… just ask!  

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